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Honor Magic V2

Ausstattung / Datenblatt

Honor Magic V2
Honor Magic V2
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 8 x 2 - 3.2 GHz, Cortex-X3 / A715 / A710 / A510 (Kryo)
Qualcomm Adreno 740, Kerntakt: 719 MHz
16 GB 
7.92 Zoll, 2344 x 2156 Pixel 402 PPI, capacitive, Native Unterstützung für die Stifteingabe, OLED, LTPO 1- 120 Hz; exterior screen: 6.43", 2376 x 1060 px, LTPO 1 - 120 Hz, Nanocrystal Glass 2.0; both: 3840 Hz PWM-Dimming, spiegelnd: ja, HDR, 120 Hz
512 GB UFS 4.0 Flash, 512 GB 
1 USB 3.0 / 3.1 Gen1, USB-C Power Delivery (PD), 1 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, Audio Anschlüsse: USB-C, NFC, Helligkeitssensor, IR-Blaster
Wi-Fi 7 (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/ax = Wi-Fi 6/ Wi-Fi 6E 6 GHz be = Wi-Fi 7), Bluetooth 5.3, 2G, 3G, LTE, 5G-Sub6, Dual SIM, LTE, 5G, GPS
Höhe x Breite x Tiefe (in mm): 4.7 x 156.7 x 145.4
5000 mAh, Silicon-Carbon battery
Schnellladen / Quick Charge
Android 13
Primary Camera: 50 MPix (f/1.9, OIS) + 50 MPix (Ultra wide, f/2.0) + 20 MPix (2.5x opt. Telezoom, f/2.4, OIS); UHD-video @ 60 FPS
Secondary Camera: 16 MPix (f/2.2, UHD-video)
Lautsprecher: Dual, Tastatur: Onscreen, 66W-Charger, Case, USB-Cabel, SIM-Tool, Magic OS 7.2, Lüfterlos
231 g



Testberichte für das Honor Magic V2

Erste Eindrücke zum neuen Falt-Smartphone
Quelle: WinFuture Deutsch
Das Honor Magic V2 kombiniert eine gute Ausstattung mit einem besonders dünnen Design und könnte so sogar Samsung Konkurrenz machen.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 06.09.2023
Dünner geht nimmer!
Quelle: Nextpit Germany Deutsch
Das Honor Magic V2 ist ein über die Maßen gelungenes Foldable. Das ist jedoch lediglich das subjektive Gefühl nach einem ersten Hands-on auf der IFA 2023 in Berlin.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 04.09.2023

Ausländische Testberichte

Honor Magic V2 hands-on: thin on the outside, packed to the brim on the inside
Quelle: Phone Arena Englisch EN→DE
This is certainly a phone that will attract the attention of anyone that's into the new foldable tech. It is pretty, it is very thin, it's packed to the brim with high tech. Oh, did we mention it also supports a (separately-sold) stylus? The UI... may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the hardware is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, even though that was an "European introduction" of the phone, it did not come with any price-tag or launch date attached. And Honor is being quite mum on the possibility of a launch. But, let's say we wouldn't be surprised if we were to see it hit certain EU markets in the next two months. As for the US... we wouldn't hold our breath.
Hands-On, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 04.09.2023
Honor Magic V2 hands on: The slimmest foldable on the market
Quelle: Pocket Lint Englisch EN→DE
While I didn't get to put the Honor Magic V2 through its paces to any great degree, there is no doubt that it feels incredible in the hand, and is the first foldable to truly feel like a regular phone in your pocket - bringing everything that's great about the foldable experience without any of the compromises. If the software experience can live up to the external one, then it will be a foldable that Samsung, and others, should be watching closely.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 01.09.2023
Honor Magic V2 review hands-on review: Slim Jim
Quelle: Expert Reviews Englisch EN→DE
However, even with these caveats in place, the Honor Magic V2 feels important. As if foldables have finally reached a tipping point when it comes to their physical design; its thin, relatively lightweight design means you can now choose a foldable without worrying about it weighing you down too much. The most important barrier that foldables such as this need to hurdle, however, is the price, which until now has remained too high for the mass market to consider. Unfortunately, the Honor Magic V2 isn’t going to change that situation when it hits shelves early next year. It’s still going to be expensive. Frustratingly, Honor isn’t announcing a UK price as yet but we’d expect it to come in between the Galaxy Fold 5 and the Honor Magic Vs. Whether you’ll want to stump up that will depend largely on the usual things – battery life, camera, screen quality and the software – and we won’t know how good it is in this regard until we get our hands on one for full testing later in the year. Watch this space.
Hands-On, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 01.09.2023
Hands on: Honor Magic V2 review – the new benchmark for foldable phones?
Quelle: Techradar Englisch EN→DE
At first glance, the Honor Magic V2 raises the bar for foldable phones. It’s thinner and lighter than comparatively priced rivals, and borrows enough high-spec features from Honor’s premium candy bar devices to warrant plaudits beyond its impressive form factor.
Hands-On, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 01.09.2023
First Impressions: Honor Magic V2
Quelle: Trusted Reviews Englisch EN→DE
Though it’s far too early to give a definitive verdict, the Honor Magic V2 could be a very tempting option for foldable fans with a much thinner and lighter design than any other available right now, paired with great displays and a capable camera setup.
Hands-On, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 01.09.2023
Honor Magic V2 hands-on: The best-designed foldable phone yet
Quelle: Tom's Guide Englisch EN→DE
It's hard to fault the Honor Magic V2 after my hands-on time. A foldable phone that's slimmer and lighter than its rivals (and some standard phones) is very impressive, and shows Honor's trying its utmost to provide users a compelling alternative to a Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Google Pixel Fold. If either Samsung or Google offered a foldable built like this, it'd be an instant recommendation. But since this is an Honor phone, there are two big issues to address. One is availability, since it's no good being a great phone if customers can't actually buy it. The other is software, as it's the main reason why previous Honor devices have not quite been able to crash the party for the best phones or best foldable phones around. We'll be considering both of these when we get a final version of the device to review.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 01.09.2023
Honor Magic V2 hands-on review: slender fan
Quelle: Stuff TV Englisch EN→DE
Honor can be a right old flashy show-off sometimes, but we can get on-board with the foldable concept it aims for the in Honor Magic V2. It wants you to forget it’s even a foldable, at least half the time. Lower weight, a thinner frame and a very normal-shaped and fairly substantial front display means everyday interactions don’t feel they are struggling to get by, compromised. The Honor Magic V2 isn’t a revelation. Instead, it comes across a serious attempt to address the elements that turn prospective foldable phone buyers off. Well, apart from the cost, which is still something of an unknown. We’re betting it’ll undercut a Z Fold 5, though. It doesn’t get all the way there, but it’s good to see someone other than Samsung pushing at the boundaries of this relatively new area of phone tech.
Hands-On, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 01.09.2023
Honor Magic V2 Review: Foldable Phone That’s Actually Worth Buying
Quelle: Igeekphone Englisch EN→DE
The slim body of 102.7mm and the light weight of 236.4g endow the folding screen mobile phone with the body of a bar machine. Honor Magic V2, Honor’s third folding flagship mobile phone, is more like a cross-generational product. Honor Magic V2 has the thinnest body and the best feel among folding screens of the same size. It can be described in one sentence. It is so light that you can control the shape of a straight-screen phone at will and so thin that you can enter and exit the jeans pocket. With dual 3840Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, dual LTPO adaptive refresh rate, and ultra-high brightness internal and external dual screens, the Honor Magic V2 shows the ultimate charm of internal and external dual screens with a display quality that exceeds the conventional screen.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 22.07.2023
Honor's Magic V2 is the thinnest foldable phone yet
Quelle: Engadget Englisch
The day has come when a foldable phone weighs less than some of the top flagship smartphones. Meet the Honor Magic V2, which is thinner than 1cm even when folded, and it’s also lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max or Galaxy S23 Ultra.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 13.07.2023
Honor Magic V2 Hands-On: New Lightest & Thinnest Foldable!
Quelle: ben's gadget reviews Englisch
The Honor Magic V2 is the new lightest and thinnest book-like foldable, measuring only 9.9mm when folded and 4.7mm when opened. Despite its thinness it packs a 5,000 mAh battery and 16GB of RAM with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The Honor Magic V2 also features a triple camera main system and two selfie cameras on each of the two screens. The two screens measures 6.4-inch on the outside and 7.9-inch inside.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 12.07.2023
The BEST Foldable I've Ever Used!
Quelle: The Tech Chap Englisch
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 12.07.2023
Honor Magic V2 hands-on review
Quelle: GSM Arena Englisch EN→DE
We were left with mixed feelings when reviewing the global Magic Vs some time ago, and a lot of what we didn't quite like was related to its software. We can't know for sure if the V2 will have addressed those when it launches, nor do we know if it will matter - if the V2 does remain confined to the Chinese market, its faults and merits will largely remain a theoretical concept. But the V2 does improve on several areas we didn't really consider in dire need of improving. And we like where we've gotten. Perhaps the most important development is the weight and thickness reduction which is tangible and most appreciated and indeed makes the large foldable a more appealing handset for a wider range of consumers. The advancements in hinge design and battery technology have brought us here and we're hoping they make it to more devices from more manufacturers.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 12.07.2023
Honor Magic V2 : la prise en main
Quelle: CNet France Französisch FR→DE
Positive: Modern design; large battery capacity; slim size; light weight; great dual display; tough device.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 13.07.2023
Prise en main Honor Magic V2, le meilleur des deux mondes ?
Quelle: Journal du Geek Französisch FR→DE
Positive: Bright display; nice performance; long battery life.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 12.07.2023
Honor Magic V2 - recenzja, test, opinia i dane techniczne
Quelle: Unite4buy Polnisch PL→DE
Positive: Impressive design; nice display; big screen; decent hardware; large battery capacity. Negative: Heavy and bulky; high price.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 13.07.2023
Honor ra mắt smartphone gập mỏng nhất thế giới
Quelle: Genk VN→DE
Positive: Top slim size and ultra light weight device; bright display; nice cameras; powerful hardware; high performance.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 13.07.2023


Qualcomm Adreno 740: Grafikchip für Smartphones und Tablets, integriert im Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC. Schnellster Grafikchips für Smartphones gegen Ende 2022 und schlägt auch die GPU im Apple A16 (iPhone 14 Pro).

Diese Klasse ist noch durchaus fähig neueste Spiele flüssig darzustellen, nur nicht mehr mit allen Details und in hohen Auflösungen. Besonders anspruchsvolle Spiele laufen nur in minimalen Detailstufen, wodurch die grafische Qualität oft deutlich leidet. Diese Klasse ist nur noch für Gelegenheitsspieler empfehlenswert. Der Stromverbrauch von modernen Grafikkarten in dieser Klasse ist dafür geringer und erlaubt auch bessere Akkulaufzeiten.

» Weitere Informationen gibt es in unserem Notebook-Grafikkartenvergleich und der Benchmarkliste.

SD 8 Gen 2: High-End SoC (System on a Chip) für Smartphones welcher Ende 2022 vorgestellt wurde. Integriert unter anderen einen schnellen Cortex-X3 "Prime Core" mit bis zu 3,2 GHz und zwei weitere schnelle Cortex-A715 2,8 GHz für 64-Bit Anwendungen. Zwei weitere schnelle A710 (ebenfalls 2,8 GHz) können auch ältere 32-Bit Anwendungen verarbeiten. Zum Stromsparen wurden außerdem 4 weitere ARM Cortex-A510 Kerne verbaut. Integriert ein 5G Modem, WiFi 7 und eine Hexagon AI Engine.» Weitere Infos gibt es in unserem Prozessorvergleich Vergleich mobiler Prozessoren und der Prozessoren Benchmarkliste .

7.92": Dieses Displayformat ist im mittleren Bereich für Smartphones. Man hat damit den Kompromiss zwischen guter Sichtbarkeit, Details und Auflösung am Bildschirm und trotzdem bringt man es in Hosentaschen unter.» Prüfen Sie in unserer DPI Liste, welche Displays wie fein aufgelöst sind.

0.231 kg:

In diese Gewichtsklasse fallen die meisten Smartphones und nur vereinzelt Tablets. Nur wenige Smartphones sind schwerer und eher als Tablets anzusehen.

Honor: 2014 gründete Huawei die Tochtermarke Honor unter der bestimmte Smartphone-Linien vertrieben werden. Gelegentlich werden die Produkte auch unter der Bezeichnung Huawei Honor geführt.

Der Marktanteil von Honor-Produkten ist überschaubar, aber es gibt einige Testberichte für Honor Smartphones mit durchschnittliche Bewertungen (2016).

» Lesen Sie auch unsere Notebook-Kaufberatung.


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