Microsoft Surface Duo

Ausstattung / Datenblatt

Microsoft Surface Duo
Microsoft Surface Duo
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 8 x 2.8 GHz, Cortex-A76 / A55 (Kryo 485)
6144 MB 
8.10 Zoll 3:2, 2700 x 1800 Pixel 401 PPI, Capacitive, Native Unterstützung für die Stifteingabe, AMOLED, Single PixelSense™ Display: 5.6” 1800x1350 (4:3), 401 PPI, Corning Gorilla Glass, spiegelnd: ja
128 GB UFS 3.0 Flash, 128 GB 
, or 256GB
1 Fingerprint Reader, Sensoren: Dual Accelerometer, Dual Gyroscope, Dual Magnetometer, Dual Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Hall Sensor, USB-C
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5), Bluetooth 5.0, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, GPS
Höhe x Breite x Tiefe (in mm): 4.8 x 145.2 x 186.9
Android 10
Primary Camera: 11 MPix f/2.0, 1.0 µm, PDAF and 84.0° diagonal FOV optimized with AI
Lautsprecher: Mono, Tastatur: Virtual
250 g
1400 Euro



Bewertung: 63.38% - Befriedigend
Durchschnitt von 8 Bewertungen (aus 29 Tests)
Preis: 50%, Leistung: - %, Ausstattung: 65%, Bildschirm: 80% Mobilität: 70%, Gehäuse: 90%, Ergonomie: 90%, Emissionen: - %

Testberichte für das Microsoft Surface Duo

78% Surface Duo im Test: Microsofts gewagter Neustart mit Android und Dual-Display
Quelle: Computerbild Deutsch
Mutig, mutig: Mit dem Surface Duo wagt Microsoft einen Neuanfang: Das Android-Klapphandy mit ­Dual-Display überzeugt aber noch nicht. Fürs mobile Office ist das ­neuartige Gerät zwar super, aber der Unter­haltungsfaktor ist klein: Die Scharnierlücke verhagelt jeden YouTube-­Spaß, die schlappe Kamera schreckt Fotofreunde ab.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 02.10.2020
Bewertung: Gesamt: 78%
Das Urproblem des Smartphones ist gelöst
Quelle: Windows United DE Deutsch
Das Microsoft Surface Duo ist und bleibt ein Nischengerät. Diese Nische kann es aber mit Bravour ausfüllen! Otto-Normalverbraucher „benötigt“ das Duo einfach nicht. Wer allerdings im Business Bereich tätig ist, aus der IT-Branche kommt, Microsoft Fanboy ist oder einfach nur Technik Nerd der wird hier einem enormen Mehrwert erleben und mit dem Surface Duo seine wahre Freude haben.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 28.09.2020

Ausländische Testberichte

I don't like Microsoft's Surface Duo as a phone, but would love it as a tablet
Quelle: Englisch EN→DE
As I box up the Duo and wait to get my $1,500 back, I'm left feeling hopeful about the second or third generation Duo. Microsoft has found a way to bring the ease of pairing devices like a Surface Pen, and a seamless audio experience with the Surface Earbuds to a non-Windows device, and it's doing so with a completely novel design.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 05.10.2020
Microsoft Surface Duo Review: A dual-screen phone to love, if you give it a chance
Quelle: On MSFT Englisch EN→DE
3,000 words later, and this is what I have to say. Yes, the Surface Duo isn’t perfect. It has its bugs and is far from the monster smartphone, but if you give a chance, you’ll love it. Sure, the camera isn’t the best, but the real use cases for the Duo are with it’s dual-screens. It changes the way you use your phone.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 05.10.2020
Microsoft Duo Teardown - We lost a good one....
Quelle: JerryRigEverything Englisch
Today we'll take apart the newest dual screened phone from Microsoft, and see how it works from the inside. The Duo has 2 screens, 2 batteries, but only 1 camera and one loud speaker... I wish there was more! Would you ever buy a dual screen phone?
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 30.09.2020
Microsoft Surface Duo took me on a roller coaster of emotions
Quelle: CNet Englisch EN→DE
Phones are like lifeboats, now. iPads ($270 at Back Market) and Chromebooks are classrooms. VR is my escape pod. Every device in my house has taken on a special purpose, connecting to schools, work, and everywhere else in some sort of insane clockwork dance. I pick my tools carefully. Experimentation happens, of course, but things need to work. This is the life of gadgets in our overburdened virtualized world, 2020.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 21.09.2020
Microsoft Duo Durability Test! - How Thin is too Thin?!
Quelle: JerryRigEverything Englisch
As soon as I got this phone out of the box, I know I really, really liked it. Two screens for the price of... two? Perfect. Lets see if the Microsoft Surface Duo can handle the stress of every day life. The halves of this phone are super thin. When folded shut, it becomes as thick as a normal phone. We'll start off the durability test by opening up the Slim Pen. Then we'll scratch test the Duo along with the normal fire and bend tests. Should be fun!
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 18.09.2020
I bought a Microsoft Surface Duo – my thoughts (review)
Quelle: Ultrabook Review Englisch EN→DE
I can’t say it’s been a blast trying this gadget out. Normally I’m all over new ground-breaking technology, as I was first in line for the Asus Transformer tablet and AiO and have been part of dozens of Kickstarter campaigns in the past. But that’s the thing – this feels like I got something from a Kickstarter, but paid premium prices for it.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 17.09.2020
The Microsoft Surface Duo is Really Bad
Quelle: Droid Life Englisch EN→DE
I hate doing write-ups like these because I see the potential with Surface Duo. In fact, when I’m chillin’ on the couch at night and need only to watch Twitch or YouTube TV or browse Twitter or look at Instagram or catch-up on news, it’s pretty great. Having two screens this close to one another that move around with a really cool hinge system is an experience I could totally get used to. Using it to cook this weekend was fun, letting my kid play games and watch shows on it in play forts he had built all weekend was cool, and whipping it out just to fold and unfold is satisfying in ways a pen click will never top.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 14.09.2020
Surface Duo: Microsoft's dual-screen foldable Android smartphone draws mixed reviews
Quelle: International Business Times Englisch EN→DE
It might be too early to gauge how well the Surface Duo performs from a sales perspective, but it is one of the more unique products available right now. The handset is compatible with the Surface Pen stylus and the package includes a protective bumper. Microsoft has one more dual-screen device called the Surface Neo, which might likely be released in 2021.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr kurz, Datum: 14.09.2020
Microsoft Surface Duo Review
Quelle: Mobile Tech Review Englisch
Lisa Gade reviews the Microsoft Surface Duo, a dual screen folding Android phone that’s more innovative and enjoyable than you might expect. The Duo has 360 degree hinges and 2 OLED PixelSense 5.6” 1800 x 1350 displays that can be used individually or open as an 8.1” tablet. You can use 2 apps at a time and flick them front one screen to another, or span both displays. This is the thinnest smartphone on the market at 4.8mm (9.9mm closed). It works with the Surface Pen and Surface Slim pen and uses MPP (aka N-Trig) technology, so the Galaxy Note isn’t the only active pen smartphone option anymore. It has an 11MP camera, 4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 and a GPS. It runs Android 10 on the Snapdragon 855 and is available with 128 or 256GB storage. It’s compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile (and thus Sprint) and Verizon. Microsoft sells it unlocked and there’s an AT&T locked model. Pricing starts at $1,399, and like Samsung and Apple, Microsoft has a trade in program to help offset the price.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 13.09.2020
Microsoft’s first Android device: Surface Duo!
Quelle: Englisch EN→DE
We cannot call the Microsoft Surface Duo a revolutionary product as similar devices are available in the market and the functionalities are somewhat similar like the LG Velvet and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. It is best to keep it on time to tell which formula among these is the winning formula for the future of smartphones.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 12.09.2020
71% Microsoft Surface Duo review: An exciting, expensive, erratic affair
Quelle: Engadget Englisch EN→DE
The Surface Duo is decent as a phone, quite bad as a tablet, and somewhat functional as everything in between. That is, when the software works as promised. But bugs and app incompatibility plague this $1,399 device, which will need monthly updates from Microsoft to fix its numerous issues.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 10.09.2020
Bewertung: Gesamt: 71%
60% Microsoft Surface Duo Review: Double Troubles
Quelle: The Verge Englisch EN→DE
Microsoft has gotten knocked out of the pocketable device games at least four times before — from WinCE to PocketPC to Windows Mobile to Windows Phone, this company is intimately familiar with failure. But in the Duo, I can see Microsoft learning from all those mistakes, and I’m glad to see the company back in the fight again. I hope that this first Surface Duo isn’t its last round.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 10.09.2020
Bewertung: Gesamt: 60%
70% Microsoft Surface Duo review
Quelle: Laptop Mag Englisch EN→DE
The Duo doesn’t know whether it’s a phone, tablet, high-tech Kindle alternative or a pocket-friendly computer, but that’s what makes the Surface Duo so endearing. The Duo challenges conventional thinking — does the Duo really need to fit into a box? The Duo’s “identity,” in my opinion, is being a funky foldable that doesn’t want to be pigeonholed.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 10.09.2020
Bewertung: Gesamt: 70%
Microsoft Surface Duo review: A two-screen Android phone that could change everything
Quelle: Yahoo Englisch EN→DE
At $1,399 and still buggy, the Surface Duo feels more like a demonstration of what Microsoft plans for its smartphone future. It’s similar to what the company did with its original Surface line, getting the idea out there, perfecting it over time, and finally, releasing a damn good product that rivals anything else on the market.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 10.09.2020
Surface Duo Review: Double Trouble
Quelle: MrMobile Englisch
What if a Microsoft Surface could fit in your pocket? That’s the question Microsoft has been asking (in some form or another) since well before the Surface brand ever hit the mainstream. From a marketing perspective, it’s a good narrative – better to lean on one of the company’s most successful consumer brands than risk invoking the dreaded carcass of “Windows Phone.” And enough companies have dipped their toe in the waters between smartphone and laptop over the years to suggest that maybe there’s some potential there – Samsung’s recent experiments with foldables being the most obvious example.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 10.09.2020
Microsoft Surface Duo review: An exciting, expensive, erratic affair
Quelle: Engadget Englisch
Microsoft's Surface Duo is the first phone we've seen from the company in a while, and it's a strange device. Sleek and stylish, the Surface Duo looks like nothing so much as two phones stuck together, folding with a visible hinge down the middle, and that's essentially how it feels. The seam makes the Duo questionable as a tablet - most apps that span both screens don't format properly or have gaps - but the Duo makes using two apps at once a breeze. Tasks like emailing while updating your calendar, watching video while scrolling twitter, or making a video call while taking notes make you wonder how you ever managed with a single screen.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 10.09.2020
50% Microsoft Surface Duo
Quelle: PC Mag Englisch EN→DE
Microsoft's Surface popularized a new category: the 2-in-1 PC. Now Microsoft is hoping to do the same thing on a smaller scale with the Surface Duo, a $1,399 phone-tablet that tries to enable those multitasking, productive workflows that never quite happen on your single-screen handset. It's ambitious, certainly, but it's not entirely successful, with bugs and ergonomic issues that sometimes make the Duo confusing and frustrating to use. While it costs even more, the $1,999 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a much more successful example of a folding phone.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 10.09.2020
Bewertung: Gesamt: 50%
60% Microsoft Surface Duo review: Hot mess
Quelle: Android Central Englisch EN→DE
The Surface Duo is an ambitious, flawed first-generation product that showcases what's possible with new form factors without fully realizing them.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 10.09.2020
Bewertung: Gesamt: 60%
60% Microsoft Surface Duo review: A beautiful, bewildering $1,400 phone
Quelle: Tom's Guide Englisch EN→DE
The Microsoft Surface Duo feels truly innovative in how it’s built to help you get things done, but its myriad software inconsistencies, outdated hardware and subpar camera — all for an exorbitant price — betray its inspired design.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 10.09.2020
Bewertung: Gesamt: 60%
Unboxing Microsoft's Surface Duo: Here's what comes with the dual-screen phone
Quelle: CNet Englisch EN→DE
The Microsoft Surface Duo may be one of Microsoft's most unusual experiments. It's a dual-screened Android phone. And I have one. But for now, I'm just looking inside the box. A full review of the Duo is coming soon, but in the meantime I opened it up to see what's inside. I got a look at a see-through version of the Duo to peek at its circuits a few weeks ago, but didn't have the retail boxed device. We don't know the international price of the Duo yet, but its $1,399 price tag converts to about £1,070 or AU$1,960.
Hands-On, online verfügbar, Sehr kurz, Datum: 06.09.2020
Surface Duo: Windows and Android, together at last
Quelle: Engadget Englisch
Dual-screen devices have always been held back by their software. From the Kyocera Echo and the Samsung Henessy, to the ZTE Axon M and Lenovo’s Yoga Book, companies have come close to delivering a physical design that might work. But in the real-world, these multi-display devices have failed to deliver. They’ve typically run a tweaked version of Android that has been woefully inadequate at making use of bigger screens, not to mention extra panels. Yet, Microsoft chose Android 10 to power its dual-screen debut, the Surface Duo.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 13.08.2020
Microsoft Surface Duo drops in September for $1399
Quelle: Engadget Englisch
Almost a year ago Microsoft teased a pair of folding devices, the Windows-powered Surface Neo, and the Android-based Surface Duo. Since then we've heard little from the company about its foldable plans, but Microsoft just announced the smaller Surface Duo is available for preorder and will for sale on September 10th.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 12.08.2020
Would You Buy a Microsoft Surface Duo?
Quelle: Pocketnow Englisch
On Pocketnow Daily, we have some deals on the 16in MacBook Pro, LG phones and more. Google just rolled out a bunch of updates to help you work and study from home. We have some quarter results for smartphone sales in the US and it looks like mid-rangers are on the rise. Foxconn says that they won’t be considering China as their global factory going forward. Apple’s supply chain just stated that the wide-angle lenses for the iPhone 12 won’t cause any delays. Finally, Microsoft FINALLY announced the Surface Duo.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 12.08.2020
58% Recensione Microsoft Surface Duo
Quelle: Italienisch IT→DE
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 20.10.2020
Bewertung: Gesamt: 58% Preis: 50% Ausstattung: 65% Bildschirm: 80% Mobilität: 70% Gehäuse: 90% Ergonomie: 90%
Surface Duo: двухэкранный Android-смартфон Microsoft за $1399
Quelle: Hitech Vesti RU→DE
Positive: Powerful hardware; high performance; decent autonomy. Negative: No NFC.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 12.08.2020
Trên tay nhanh Surface Duo: Smartphone hai màn hình độc đáo của Microsoft, giá 50 triệu đồng
Quelle: Cell Phones VN→DE
Positive: Impressive design; solid workmanship; light weight; nice camera. Negative: High price.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 18.09.2020
Microsoft chính thức bán ra Surface Duo: Màn hình kép OLED, Snapdragon 855, camera đơn, giá 1399 USD, lên kệ ngày 10/9
Quelle: Genk VN→DE
Positive: Nice dual display; decent processor; impressive design; great cameras.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 12.08.2020


Qualcomm Adreno 640: Grafikchip für Smartphones und Tablets, integriert im Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC. Laut Qualcomm um 20% schneller als die alte Adreno 630 im Snapdragon 845 und bietet 50% mehr ALUs (Recheneinheiten).

Einige nicht anspruchsvolle aktuelle Spiele können mit geringen Details noch flüssig gespielt werden. Für Office und Video natürlich ausreichende Leistungsreserven.

» Weitere Informationen gibt es in unserem Notebook-Grafikkartenvergleich und der Benchmarkliste.

SD 855: High-End SoC (System on a Chip) für Smartphones welcher Ende 2018 vorgestellt wurde. Integriert unter anderen einen schnellen "Prime Core" mit bis zu 2,84 GHz und drei weitere schnelle Cortex-A76 basierende Performance-Kerne. Zum Stromsparen wurden außerdem 4 weitere ARM Cortex-A55 Kerne verbaut. Das integrierte X24 LTE Modem unterstützt 2 Gigabit Cat. 20 und weiters kann der Chip mit dem externen X50 5G Modem kombiniert werden.» Weitere Infos gibt es in unserem Prozessorvergleich Vergleich mobiler Prozessoren und der Prozessoren Benchmarkliste .

8.10": Diese Bildschirm-Diagonale ist für Tablets relativ klein. Allerdings kann man ein Gerät mit einem solchen Bildschirm kaum noch als Smartphone bezeichnen.

Große Bildschirmgrößen ermöglichen höhere Auflösungen und/oder man Details besser erkennen (zB größere Schrift). Kleinere Display-Diagonalen dagegen verbrauchen weniger Energie, sind oft billiger und ermöglichen handlichere, leichtere Geräte.» Prüfen Sie in unserer DPI Liste, welche Displays wie fein aufgelöst sind.

0.25 kg: Dieses Gewicht ist typisch für Smartphones.


Microsoft Smartphones und Tablets werden seit 2012 getestet. Es gibt zahlreiche Testberichte mit durchschnittlicher Bewertung. Das Leserinteresse ist durchaus gegeben, dennoch reicht der Marktanteil nicht für die Top 5 Smartphone-Hersteller (2016).

63.38%: Eine so schlechte Bewertung ist selten. Es gibt nur wenige Notebooks, die schlechter beurteilt wurden. Auch wenn Verbalbeurteilungen in diesem Bereich meist "genügend" oder "ausreichend" lauten, so sind dies meist Euphemismen.

» Lesen Sie auch unsere Notebook-Kaufberatung.


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