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Oppo Realme 2

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Oppo Realme 2
Oppo Realme 2 (Realme Serie)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 8 x 1.8 GHz, Cortex-A53
3 GB 
, 3GB or 4GB
6.20 Zoll 19:9, 1520 x 720 Pixel 271 PPI, Capacitive, IPS, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, spiegelnd: ja
32 GB eMMC Flash, 32 GB 
, 32GB or 64GB
Audio Anschlüsse: 3.5mm, Card Reader: microSD, Sensoren: Accelerometer, proximity, compass, fingerprint, microUSB
802.11 b/g/n (b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4), Bluetooth 4.2, GSM, UMTS, LTE, Dual SIM, GPS
Höhe x Breite x Tiefe (in mm): 8.2 x 156.2 x 75.6
4230 mAh Lithium-Ion
Android 8.1 Oreo
Primary Camera: 13 MPix Dual: 13MP (f/2.2) + 2MP (f/2.4)
Secondary Camera: 8 MPix f/2.2, 1/4", 1.12µm
Tastatur: Virtual
168 g
120 Euro



Bewertung: 70.5% - Befriedigend
Durchschnitt von 6 Bewertungen (aus 16 Tests)
Preis: - %, Leistung: 80%, Ausstattung: - %, Bildschirm: 65% Mobilität: 90%, Gehäuse: 80%, Ergonomie: - %, Emissionen: - %

Testberichte für das Oppo Realme 2

The Realme 2 is a surprisingly good $120 phone
Quelle: CNet Englisch EN→DE
But it does have some cool features besides its design -- the Realme 2 runs Oppo's Color OS on top of Android 8.1 and comes with a virtual SIM card that lets you data roam when you're traveling overseas. The cameras also have a button for 2x zoom, but because the secondary rear camera is only just 2 megapixels (and is used as a depth sensor for portrait shots), I suspect that this 2x zoom is digital instead of an optical or telephoto zoom.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 16.11.2018
Realme 2 and Realme 2 Pro Hands On: Taking A Shot At The Mid-range Market
Quelle: Englisch EN→DE
As mentioned earlier, the arrival date for Realme 2 and Realme 2 Pro in Malaysia is yet known at the moment. We’ll keep you posted we hear more from the brand.
Vergleich, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 11.10.2018
Realme 2 Hands On, Quick Review: Definite Déjà Vu
Quelle: Unbox Englisch EN→DE
The Realme 2 will cost RP 1,999,000(~Php 7.2k) for the 3GB/32GB model and RP 2,399,000(~Php 8.6k) for the 4GB/64GB model. Pricing may change when it reaches our shores, but with their Indonesian price, the Realme 2 is competitively priced for what it has to offer.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 09.10.2018
70% Realme 2 review: Good price but not necessarily good value
Quelle: India Today Englisch EN→DE
The Realme 2 is being advertised as a phone that brings what fans look for the most in a smartphone in 2018. This includes the notch, a dual camera setup and a large battery that lasts over a day. And to that effect, the Realme 2 delivers on these aspects, but in doing so, the company has also made a few tradeoffs. So you get a notched display but the resolution has now been downgraded to 720p. You get a bigger battery and dual cameras, but the chipset has been downgraded to Snapdragon 450.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 28.09.2018
Bewertung: Gesamt: 70%
RealMe 2 Review – Retail Unit 3GB, 32GB Red variant, impressive!
Quelle: Englisch EN→DE
Though the RealMe 2 hardware is downgraded compared with the RealMe 1, the handset is still worth buying. Though RealMe 1 users might want to stick with the 1 unless they love the notch. So overall the RealMe 2 Notch smartphone is an excellent buy for Rs. 8,990.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 08.09.2018
79% Oppo Realme 2 Review
Quelle: Think Digit Englisch EN→DE
The Realme 2 offers good value for money for the Rs 10,990 price tag it comes in. It’s a handy phone for someone who isn’t a power user, and looks for a device that looks good and offers a lot of features to explore. Realme, as a brand, has somewhat established itself as someone who offers a big bang for the buck. While that may be missing in terms of the spec-sheet, it more than makes up for it with an overall smoother experience because of the refined UI. The Realme 2 competes with the newly launched Redmi 6 Pro. The company is promising good after-sales service by tying up with Flipkart. Both phones, however, are being sold via flash sales. So getting your hands on one might be difficult. There is also the Realme 2 Pro right round the corner, so you might want to wait and see what comes with that. Overall, the Realme 2 shows promise, but in a competitive market like the budget segment, where every piece of hardware matters, it might just lose itself in the crowd.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 07.09.2018
Bewertung: Gesamt: 79%
Realme 2 review: One step forward, one step back
Quelle: Android Authority Englisch EN→DE
I get it’s a cheap phone, but those of us with less spending power still want upgrades that actually upgrade our phones, right?
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 06.09.2018
76% Realme 2 Review: Great Design, Battery Life But Redmi Note 5 Has A Better Camera
Quelle: Tech2 Englisch EN→DE
A device at such an incredible price is a great idea, but it sure could've been better if it weren't for all the compromises.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 04.09.2018
Bewertung: Gesamt: 76% Leistung: 80% Bildschirm: 65% Mobilität: 90% Gehäuse: 80%
70% Realme 2 review: Notched display, reasonable price
Quelle: The Indian Express Englisch EN→DE
Realme 2 impresses with its design, battery performance and it is one of the cheapest phones to come with a notched display. Performance is good, I would say, when it comes to daily usage. However, Realme 2 seems like a stripped down version of Realme 1 with a lower-powered processor and HD+ screen.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 04.09.2018
Bewertung: Gesamt: 70%
60% Realme 2 review: The cheapest phone with a notch
Quelle: Gadgets Now Englisch EN→DE
For a smartphone to succeed in a category where competition is cut-throat, it has to have a lot going for it. With the Realme 2, it has a 4230mAh battery, and that is perhaps its forte. However, when it comes to other aspects, there aren’t too many things that stand out. The design aspect is nothing out of the ordinary but at the same time it delivers reasonably adequate performance. In a nutshell, the phone at a sub-10k price range offers what most of the mid-range models are offering today. Unless you think that the notch is a “standout” feature. If we leave out the dual rear cameras shots in daylight, other camera aspects are left wanting and as such, the camera segment cannot be said to be laudable. Going by the price, if you are not a camera enthusiast and want a budget phone model with strong build and long battery life, Realme 2 would be a good choice. Otherwise there’s always Xiaomi. Or Honor. Or perhaps a few other brands.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 29.08.2018
Bewertung: Gesamt: 60%
68% Oppo Realme 2 review
Quelle: GSM Arena Englisch EN→DE
There isn't a better-looking or more jam-packed with features phone 9,000 INR can buy in India right now. We can't speak for other markets, but if you are shopping for the best bang for your money in India - look no further. The Realme 2 is what you should get. Unless you don't fancy the notch - then kindly refer to the Realme 2 next of kin and grab the Realme 1.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 28.08.2018
Bewertung: Gesamt: 68%
Realme 2 Review : Above the Notch At A Price
Quelle: The Techy Englisch EN→DE
The Real Me is a good phone in the price segment. The company has included most of the smart features in this powerhouse and has equally compromised at certain aspects to pack it all together at the same price. The Real Me 2 clearly has the potential to cement its position amongst the budget segment for masses.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr kurz, Datum: 28.08.2018
Đánh giá chi tiết Realme 2: Những gì người dùng cần, Realme đều có
Quelle: The Gioididong VN→DE
Positive: Good price; impressive design; big screen; nice cameras; long battery life.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 22.10.2018
Realme 2 và 2 Pro ra mắt tại VN, giá từ 3 triệu đồng
Quelle: Zing VN→DE
Positive: Low price; nice dual cameras; elegant design; decent hardware.
Vergleich, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 16.10.2018
Mở hộp, trên tay nhanh Realme 2: Tai thỏ, camera kép, Snapdragon... giá 4 triệu
Quelle: The Gioididong VN→DE
Positive: Low price; impressive design; nice dual cameras; powerful processor.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 09.10.2018
Mở hộp, trên tay nhanh Realme 2: Tai thỏ, camera kép, snapdragon...giá 4 triệu
Quelle: The Gioididong VN→DE
Positive: Impressive design; nice dual cameras; powerful processor; high autonomy; low price.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 06.10.2018


Qualcomm Adreno 506: Grafikchip für Smartphones und Tablets, integriert im Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC. Basiert auf die 500er Grafikarchitektur wie der schnellere Adreno 520 im Snapdragon 820.

Diese Karten können nur sehr alte und sehr anspruchslose 3D Spiele flüssig darstellen.  Anwendungen wie Office, Internet surfen, Bildbearbeitung oder (SD) Videoschnitt sind jedoch ohne große Einschränkungen möglich.

» Weitere Informationen gibt es in unserem Notebook-Grafikkartenvergleich und der Benchmarkliste.

SD 450: Unterer Mittelklasse Octa-Core ARM Cortex-A53 SoC mit bis zu 1.8 GHz Taktfrequenz der eine Adreno 506 GPU und ein X9 LTE (300 / 150 Mbps) Modem integriert.» Weitere Infos gibt es in unserem Prozessorvergleich Vergleich mobiler Prozessoren und der Prozessoren Benchmarkliste .

6.20": Diese Display-Größe wird für Smartphones sehr häufig verwendet. Es gibt aber nur wenige Smartphones mit größeren Displays.

Große Bildschirmgrößen ermöglichen höhere Auflösungen und/oder man Details besser erkennen (zB größere Schrift). Kleinere Display-Diagonalen dagegen verbrauchen weniger Energie, sind oft billiger und ermöglichen handlichere, leichtere Geräte.» Prüfen Sie in unserer DPI Liste, welche Displays wie fein aufgelöst sind.

0.168 kg: Dieses Gewicht ist typisch für Smartphones.


OPPO Electronics Corp. ist ein 2004 gegründeter chinesischer Elektronikhersteller, der hauptsächlich Smartphones und Blu-ray-Player produziert. Es ist ein Tochterunternehmen von BBK Electronic Corporation, einem riesigen chinesischen Elektronikkonzern, zu dem auch Oppo und Vivo gehören. Oppo, Vivo und OnePlus hatten gemeinsam 2016 mit 10% einen höheren Weltmarkt-Anteil bei Smartphones als Huawei, was in etwa einer 140% Steigerung gegenüber 2015 entsprach. Gemeinsam lagen die BBK Tochterfirmen damit auf Platz 3 der Weltrangliste. Oppo hat selbständige Abteilungen vor allem in den Philippinen, Vietnam, Thailand, Indien, Pakistan, Bangladesh und China. Außerhalb Asiens ist Oppo fast unbekannt, obwohl die globalen Marktanteile beachtlich sind. Oppo liegt auf Platz 4 der Weltrangliste der Smartphone-Hersteller.

Wegen der asiatischen Fokussierung gibt noch kaum englischsprachige Testberichte (2016).

70.5%: Diese Bewertung ist schlecht. Die meisten Notebooks werden besser beurteilt. Als Kaufempfehlung darf man das nicht sehen. Auch wenn Verbalbewertungen in diesem Bereich gar nicht so schlecht klingen ("genügend" oder "befriedigend"), meist sind es Euphemismen, die eine Klassifikation als unterdurchschnittliches Notebook verschleiern.

» Lesen Sie auch unsere Notebook-Kaufberatung.


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