Sony Xperia Z1s

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Sony Xperia Z1s
Sony Xperia Z1s (Xperia Serie)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 4 x 2.3 GHz, Krait 400
5.00 Zoll 16:9, 1920 x 1080 Pixel, spiegelnd: ja
160 g



Bewertung: 73.33% - Befriedigend
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80% Sony Xperia Z1S review: Give this phone a chance
Quelle: Greenbot Englisch EN→DE
Sony's device launches last year were a bit better than average, but this year the company seems committed to knock it out of the park. The Xperia Z1S isn't Sony's flagship device for the year, but its impressive camera abilities, speedy processor, and stylish outfitting are an indicator of how the company plans to regain some of its barely-there U.S. marketshare. If the Xperia Z1S is where Sony's heading, then we can't wait to see what's next.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 08.04.2014
Bewertung: Gesamt: 80%
80% T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1s review: 20 megapixel camera phone in a waterproof wrapper
Quelle: Englisch EN→DE
The Sony Xperia Z1s is one of the first official US wireless carrier smartphones for Sony in recent times and it has some great features. It's unfortunate that a maker of excellent TVs can't seem to get mobile displays right.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 11.02.2014
Bewertung: Gesamt: 80%
It’s Sync or Swim for the Sony Xperia Z1s, SmartWatch 2
Quelle: Recode Englisch EN→DE
It’s unfortunate, because the Xperia Z1s delivers an otherwise fine performance. The quad-core Snapdragon processor keeps the Android 4.3 device humming along smoothly. Call quality was clear, with minimal background noise. And while I didn’t do a formal battery test, with moderate usage, I was able to go a full 24 hours and then some before needing to recharge.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 23.01.2014
T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1S review
Quelle: Englisch EN→DE
Assuming one isn't bothered by, or can look past the numerous Sony and T-Mobile branded apps that come pre-installed, the Xperia Z1S is s solid offering and one that should at least be considered. Sony managed to pack something that can be described as feature rich into a good looking exterior. The device is slim, it feels solid in your hand, and overall, it is a good looking device. We aren't sure how many would be looking to pay full retail on this handset, but otherwise, T-Mobile does have it attractively priced. At the time of the review, the T-Mobile Xperia Z1S is available for no money down and with 24 monthly payments of $22. That of course, can then be combined with their UNcarrier approach to voice and data plans.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 17.01.2014
60% Sony Xperia Z1s
Quelle: Laptop Mag Englisch EN→DE
The Xperia Z1s is a smartphone that can take a dip without calling it quits. We also like the fast performance and excellent battery life, as well as the fun camera apps and PlayStation app. Unfortunately, the Z1s' narrow viewing angles and lackluster camera are disappointing for a flagship smartphone.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 14.01.2014
Bewertung: Gesamt: 60%
Xperia Z1S deep-dive review: A stylish phone with power and panache
Quelle: Englisch EN→DE
The Z1S has a striking premium design that's both distinctive and alluring. Its waterproof construction is a rare and interesting trait. Factor in the phone's excellent battery life and exceptional camera -- with its underwater photo-capturing potential -- and you've got an unusually compelling device with loads of attractive qualities. So it ultimately comes down to you -- and what you want in a mobile device. If comfort and ergonomics are your priorities, the Z1S probably isn't the best choice for you. If you want a sleek and premium product, though, and don't mind a bulky frame, the Xperia Z1S is an outstanding high-end smartphone I'd readily recommend.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 14.01.2014
T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1S Review
Quelle: Slashgear Englisch EN→DE
What we’re seeing here, again, is Sony taking a great device in the Xperia Z and making it even better. If you’re looking at T-Mobile’s selection of smartphones the moment this article is posted, the Sony Xperia Z1S is the most powerful of the bunch - so to speak - with the Snapdragon 800 paired with a 5-inch 1080p display, and Sony has more than proven itself as a contender in this space over the past year and a half for us to recommend this device over the vast majority of its competitors. You won’t be disappointed.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 21.01.2013


Serie: Sony's Xperia Z5 comes in 3 major versions, known as standard, premium and compact. The material choice is a very nice glass front and a back with metal construction wrapping all around the phone. Sony has always been recognized for having one of if not the best cameras on their phones. The Xperia Z5 features the latest sensor with 23 MP, 5520 х 4140 pixels, phase detection, autofocus, and LED flash. It is capable of video recording at [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] with HDR function available. All 3 versions come with the new fingerprint sensor, which is placed at the side of the phone where the power button is. Another great design of the phone is its stereo front facing speakers. The Xperia Z5 phones are IP68 certified, i.e. dust proof and water resistant over 1.5 meter and 30 minutes.

The compact version has a 4.6 inch 720 x 1280 pixels Triluminos display. Because of its lower price it is not as big and high-resolution than the standard model. The hardware of the Android OS, v5.1.1 (Lollipop) system includes a Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 consisting of 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 and Cortex A43 Quad Core CPUs and an Adreno 430 GPU. The only difference of the compact model to the standard model is that it does not have 3 GB of RAM. However, due to its lower screen resolution it should have no problems with only 2 GB of RAM. The non-removable Lithium-Ion battery rated at 2700 mAh is smaller than the standard model's. Sony claims that it will last up to 2 days. In addition, this device comes with 32 GB of flash memory and the storage capacity can be expanded with a microSD by up to 200 GB.

Qualcomm Adreno 330: Eingebaut in Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 und 801 SoCs

Diese Karten können nur sehr alte und sehr anspruchslose 3D Spiele flüssig darstellen.  Anwendungen wie Office, Internet surfen, Bildbearbeitung oder (SD) Videoschnitt sind jedoch ohne große Einschränkungen möglich.

» Weitere Informationen gibt es in unserem Notebook-Grafikkartenvergleich und der Benchmarkliste.

800 MSM8974: High-End ARM-SoC mit 4 CPU-Kernen (max. 2,3 GHz) und einer Adreno 330 GPU (max. 450 MHz). Basiert auf Qualcomms Krait-400-Architektur und wird in einem 28 Nanometer HPM-Prozess gefertigt.» Weitere Infos gibt es in unserem Prozessorvergleich Vergleich mobiler Prozessoren und der Prozessoren Benchmarkliste .

5.00": Es handelt sich um eine typische Smartphone-Diagonale.» Prüfen Sie in unserer DPI Liste, welche Displays wie fein aufgelöst sind.

0.16 kg: Dieses Gewicht ist typisch für Smartphones.

Sony: Die Sony Corporation ist der zweitgrößte japanische Elektronikkonzern mit Sitz in Tokio. Kerngeschäft ist die Unterhaltungselektronik. Das Unternehmen wurde 1946 unter anderem Namen gegründet und produzierte anfangs Reiskocher. Das Unternehmen brachte das erste Transistorenradio auf den Markt. 1958 wurde die Firma in Sony umbenannt. Sony ist eine Kombination aus dem lateinischen Wort sonus (Klang) und dem englischen Wort sonny (kleiner Junge). Sony ist ein Notebook-Hersteller mittlerer Grösse hinsichtlich internationaler Marktanteile.

Ab 2014 wurde die Produktion von Vaio Laptops reduziert und letztlich eingestellt. Am Smartphone- und Tablet-Markt ist Sony weiter präsent, allerdings nicht unter den Top 5 Herstellern.

73.33%: Diese Bewertung ist schlecht. Die meisten Notebooks werden besser beurteilt. Als Kaufempfehlung darf man das nicht sehen. Auch wenn Verbalbewertungen in diesem Bereich gar nicht so schlecht klingen ("genügend" oder "befriedigend"), meist sind es Euphemismen, die eine Klassifikation als unterdurchschnittliches Notebook verschleiern.

» Lesen Sie auch unsere Notebook-Kaufberatung.


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