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Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

Ausstattung / Datenblatt

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro (Galaxy Serie)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 8 x 2 GHz, Cortex-A53
4096 MB 
5.70 Zoll 16:9, 1920 x 1080 Pixel 386 PPI, Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, spiegelnd: ja
32/64 GB
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5), Bluetooth 4.2, Dual SIM, LTE, GPS
Höhe x Breite x Tiefe (in mm): 7 x 157 x 77
3300 mAh Lithium-Ion
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Primary Camera: 16 MPix 16 MP, f/1.9, autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash
Secondary Camera: 8 MPix
170 g



Bewertung: 77.71% - Gut
Durchschnitt von 7 Bewertungen (aus 18 Tests)
Preis: 78%, Leistung: 76%, Ausstattung: - %, Bildschirm: 83% Mobilität: 85%, Gehäuse: 80%, Ergonomie: - %, Emissionen: - %

Testberichte für das Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro review: A great phone with one major drawback
Quelle: Android Central Englisch EN→DE
The Galaxy C7 Pro has a lot of strong points — the build quality is great, the Full HD AMOLED display is excellent, the overall performance is adequate, and the battery life is amazing. The lack of Nougat is a major downside, and it doesn't look like an update is forthcoming for the device any time soon.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 13.06.2017
80% Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro review: Stylish phone with impressive camera
Quelle: The Indian Express Englisch EN→DE
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro has quite a few points in its favour. The display, sleek design, and the camera all make this device stand out from the competition. However, it is still under-powered if one starts comparing with other phones, but the day-to-day working of this device is not impacted. The only big negative would be the Android Marshmallow OS on this, and there’s no word from Samsung on whether an update will be launched. I’d say the Galaxy C7 Pro is a sturdy option for its price. After all, it’s got a Rs 2000 price cut on Amazon, and you can get this for Rs 25,990.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 08.06.2017
Bewertung: Gesamt: 80%
69% Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Review
Quelle: Think Digit Englisch EN→DE
The Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro may not have the premium glass finish as it's A-series cousin, the Samsung Galaxy A7, but still offers a comparable battery life, performance and camera. That being said enthusiasts may find the performance lacking, especially when compared to the OnePlus 3T.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 25.05.2017
Bewertung: Gesamt: 69%
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Review
Quelle: Fone Arena Englisch EN→DE
Overall, the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro is a neat device with a blend of smooth performance, good build quality, bright display and an admirable camera. If you are stuck within the budget of Sub 30K and can’t go below or above, then Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro is your answer. At a price of Rs. 25,990, the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro seems to be a bit costly, but the overall product and performance at this range (Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 28,000) somehow justifies it.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 19.05.2017
78% Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Review: Betting on the Big Screen
Quelle: Tech PP Englisch EN→DE
The result? Even for a die hard Samsung fan, the C7 Pro does not actually make a case that is strong enough to make it an easy decision. Especially with so many options out there. What would you pick in that price range? Let us know!
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 18.05.2017
Bewertung: Gesamt: 78% Preis: 75% Leistung: 75% Gehäuse: 85%
75% Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro review: An impressive mid-range smartphone, but it’s no OnePlus 3
Quelle: Englisch EN→DE
The Galaxy C7 Pro is a really solid offering from Samsung. While there is the Galaxy A7 in the same price bracket, this one seems like a sweet alternative. I was really impressed with the design and the display, and while the performance is really good, it falls just short of the OnePlus 3/3T.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 17.05.2017
Bewertung: Gesamt: 75% Leistung: 70% Bildschirm: 80% Mobilität: 75% Gehäuse: 85%
80% Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Review
Quelle: NDTV Gadgets Englisch EN→DE
Samsung has managed to strike a good balance between performance and battery life with the Galaxy C7 Pro. The premium build quality and crisp display add to its appeal. Yes, it is priced at the same level as the OnePlus 3 (Review), but the C7 Pro isn't running the same race. It's ideal competitor is the Moto Z Play which is priced at Rs 24,999. In comparison, the Galaxy C7 Pro offers a better processor, more RAM, and a sleeker body.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 15.05.2017
Bewertung: Gesamt: 80% Preis: 80% Leistung: 80% Bildschirm: 90% Mobilität: 100% Gehäuse: 80%
80% Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro: Good on looks, smooth on performance
Quelle: Gadgets Now Englisch EN→DE
Overall, we really liked the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro. We think that at a price of Rs 27,990, it's a good buy. The smartphone has a sturdy build, sleek design and good performance. Its lasting battery and good cameras only add to the positive aspects. The display is another plus. If there's one thing that we didn't like, it's the fingerprint sensor.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 12.05.2017
Bewertung: Gesamt: 80%
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro preview
Quelle: GSM Arena Englisch EN→DE
The C7 Pro inherits almost everything from its elder sibling, including the great design, excellent display, good performance, terrific battery life, and a decent set of cameras. Being smaller and cheaper, it is also generally more likable, as not everybody wants a giant, expensive smartphone.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 02.05.2017
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Hands-On [Images]
Quelle: Mobygyaan Englisch EN→DE
Samsung has launched Galaxy C7 Pro in India at a price of ₹27,990. Samsung’s new Galaxy C lineup is focused on the midrange market. With now smartphones offering top notch features at the sub-25K price bracket, Samsung came up with a 5.7-inch premium grade smartphone that packs a punch. Let’s see what the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro has to offer.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 26.04.2017
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Quick Review – Good Performance, Great Design
Quelle: Gadget Diary Englisch EN→DE
All these strengths make using Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro a very satisfying experience. There is no area where the handset falters, and you also get the bonus of Samsung branding and the advantage of the best after sales support network in India.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 26.04.2017
82% Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro review – impressive battery life
Quelle: Englisch EN→DE
The Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro is a good handset, powerful, packed with good features, comes with NFC too and overall performance is smooth – good for gaming, plus hardware hardly heats up. Looking at the price once would immediately compare it with OnePlus handset. No doubt the OnePlus is better for the price but C7 Pro is better in two areas – one is the screen and other is the battery life.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 25.04.2017
Bewertung: Gesamt: 82%
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Full Review
Quelle: Manila Shaker Englisch EN→DE
The exclusive semi-phablet from China seem to be a good all-around performer but just like its bigger sibling – the lack of OIS and hi-res audio playback support might leave customers looking for other options.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 08.04.2017
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Specs
Quelle: PC Quest Englisch EN→DE
The Galaxy C7 Pro also sports a 5.7” FHD Super AMOLED display that provides an immersive and enriching viewing experience. Galaxy C7 Pro comes equipped with a powerful 2.2 GHz octa-core processor and 4GB RAM. Galaxy C7 Pro will be available in two colour options – Navy Blue and Gold. The device will be priced at INR 27,990 and will retail exclusively on from April 11, 2017.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 07.04.2017
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro First Impressions
Quelle: NDTV Gadgets Englisch EN→DE
Samsung's Galaxy C7 Pro went official in China earlier this year and it has now been launched in India priced at Rs. 27,990. It will be available exclusively on Amazon India from April 11. The smartphone is essentially an upgrade over last year's Galaxy C7, and one of its biggest highlights is its slim, premium metal design. We got some hands-on time with the Galaxy C7 Pro at Samsung's official launch event, and here are our first impressions.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Lang, Datum: 07.04.2017
Smartphone Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro - Recensione Caratteristiche Prezzo
Quelle: Smartphone e tablet android Italienisch IT→DE
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Mittel, Datum: 01.03.2017
Bewertung: Leistung: 80% Bildschirm: 80% Mobilität: 80% Gehäuse: 70%
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro trapela su GFXBench con 4 GB di RAM
Quelle: Giz Blog Italienisch IT→DE
Positive: Nice design; long battery life. Negative: Mediocre hardware; average performance.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Kurz, Datum: 30.11.2016
Trên tay Galaxy C7 Pro: 4 GB RAM, vân tay một chạm, giá hơn 8 triệu
Quelle: The Gioididong VN→DE
Positive: Decent hardware; fast fingerprint sensor; good cameras; quick charge. Negative: Many bloatwares.
Einzeltest, online verfügbar, Sehr Lang, Datum: 01.03.2017


Serie: The Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 is a handset for those after a compact phone, one on an affordable contract, or a device that can be bought SIM-free. Most of Samsung’s phones of previous years were plastic, even the fairly expensive devices. The Samsung Galaxy A3 demonstrates just how far the company has moved on from that style. This device is composed of glass and metal, with barely any plastic on show at all. The front and back glass are big-brand Gorilla Glass 4, and the rear features curved edges for a softer feel. Beneath the screen is a reliable fingerprint scanner couched between the two soft keys, just as in Samsung’s larger phones. Also included is a headphone jack. In addition, the Galaxy A3 is water resistant. Its IP68 certification means that an accidental drop in water is unlikely to cause damage. As is the case with the majority of new handsets, the Samsung Galaxy A3 has a USB Type-C charging port rather than micro-USB. The phone has just 16 GB of storage, which is a little disappointing since the device offers only 9.8 GB of available internal memory and 481 MB of RAM without installing any apps. However, there is a slot for a single microSD card in the tray. The Samsung Galaxy A3 has an unusual speaker placement. Rather than sitting on the bottom of the device, it can be found on the side, above the power button. Speaker quality is fine, with enough volume to cut through some ambient noise.

For display, the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 features a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED panel with punchy colors that can be calibrated to suit the user’s taste. For those who like a super-vivid look, it’s there. If a more relaxed colour is desired, it's possible to just switch to the "Basic" mode in Settings to achieve this. The Samsung Galaxy A3 has a 13 MP rear camera with a f/1.9 lens. However, the camera lacks optical image stabilization. Around the front sits an 8 MP selfie camera. It's capable of producing decent images in good light. The phone uses an Exynos 7870, a CPU with eight Cortex-A53 cores clocked at up to 1.6 GHz, and a Mali-T830 GPU. Samsung also includes masses of pre-installed apps, which aren't entirely welcome since the Samsung Galaxy A3’s storage is limited. There's the Microsoft Apps suite, including Word and OneNote. S Health is probably the most interesting of Samsung’s own apps. This is now a full fitness and 'wellness’ platform, allowing the user to simply track steps, but also log user’s food and GPS-track hikes, cycles and walks as well. There's only a small increase in battery capacity from 2,300 to 2,350 mAh. The 2,350 mAh battery is well suited to the Samsung Galaxy A3’s small screen, and when used in a way that exploits this, the Galaxy A3 lasts for some time. The 2017 Galaxy A3 is a low-end smartphone with all the necessary features of a high-end device. Hence, the slightly higher price tag is justified.

Hands-on article by Jagadisa Rajarathnam

Qualcomm Adreno 506: Grafikchip für Smartphones und Tablets, integriert im Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC. Basiert auf die 500er Grafikarchitektur wie der schnellere Adreno 520 im Snapdragon 820.

Diese Karten können nur sehr alte und sehr anspruchslose 3D Spiele flüssig darstellen.  Anwendungen wie Office, Internet surfen, Bildbearbeitung oder (SD) Videoschnitt sind jedoch ohne große Einschränkungen möglich.

» Weitere Informationen gibt es in unserem Notebook-Grafikkartenvergleich und der Benchmarkliste.

625: Mittelklasse Octa-Core ARM Cortex-A53 SoC mit bis zu 2 GHz Taktfrequenz welcher bereits in 14 nm gefertigt wird und eine Adreon 506 GPU, einen DDR3L-1866 Speicherkontroller und ein X9 LTE (Cat 7) Modem integriert.» Weitere Infos gibt es in unserem Prozessorvergleich Vergleich mobiler Prozessoren und der Prozessoren Benchmarkliste .

5.70": Der Display ist relativ groß für Smartphones. Diese Display-Größe wird für Smartphones sehr häufig verwendet.

Große Bildschirmgrößen ermöglichen höhere Auflösungen und/oder man Details besser erkennen (zB größere Schrift). Kleinere Display-Diagonalen dagegen verbrauchen weniger Energie, sind oft billiger und ermöglichen handlichere, leichtere Geräte.» Prüfen Sie in unserer DPI Liste, welche Displays wie fein aufgelöst sind.

0.17 kg: Dieses Gewicht ist typisch für Smartphones.

Samsung: Die Samsung Group ist der größte südkoreanische Mischkonzern. In der Samsung-Gruppe waren 2014 489.000 Menschen beschäftigt, und sie gehört zu den weltweit größten Unternehmen gemessen an Umsatz und Marktstärke. Der Name Samsung bedeutet im Koreanischen "Drei Sterne" und repräsentiert die drei Söhne des Firmengründers. Das Unternehmen wurde 1938 als Lebensmittelladen gegründet. Mit der 1969 gegründeten Tochter Samsung Electronics nahm Samsung die Fertigung elektrotechnischer Artikel in Angriff, wobei man sich frühzeitig auf Unterhaltungselektronik und Haushaltsgeräte konzentrierte. Weitere Zweige, in denen der Großkonzern tätig ist, sind Maschinenbau, Automobile (Hyundai), Versicherung, Großhandel, Immobilien und Freizeit. Samsung ist ein international tätiger Notebook-Hersteller mittlerer Grösse hinsichtlich der Marktanteile und Testberichten.

2015 und 2016 hatte Samsung einen Marktanteil am globalen Smartphone-Markt von etwa 24-25% und war damit klarer Marktführer. Am Laptop-Sektor ist Samsung von 2014-2016 auf Rang 8 des globalen Hersteller-Rankings mit 1.7-2.7%. 

2016 schlitterte Samsung wegen explodierender Smartphone-Akkus und einer mißlungenen Rückruf-Aktion in eine Krise.

77.71%: Weltbewegend ist diese Bewertung nicht. Obwohl es bei den meisten Websites einem "Befriedigend" entspricht, muss man bedenken, dass es kaum Notebooks gibt, die unter 60% erhalten. Verbalbewertungen in diesem Bereich klingen oft nicht schlecht, sind aber oft verklausulierte Euphemismen. Dieses Notebook wird von den Testern eigentlich als unterdurchschnittlich angesehen, eine Kaufempfehlung kann man nur mit viel Wohlwollen darin sehen.

» Lesen Sie auch unsere Notebook-Kaufberatung.


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